The District by Hannah An

    8722 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA



    Tastes of the District

    Crispy Curry Brussel Sprouts
    Seared Lemongrass Scallops
    Vietnamese Herb Bone Marrow
    Fresh Rice Paper Spring Rolls
    Saigon Crispy Calamari
    District Wings
    District Dumplings
    Tuna Poke
    Cha Gio Roll
    Crispy Colossal Candied Walnut Tiger Prawns
    Grilled Atlantic Octopus
    Vietnamese Skewers

    Bahn Mi & Flatbread District

    Lobster Flatbread
    Snow Crab Flatbread
    Chicken Kale Caesar Flatbread
    Roasted Pork Belly Flatbread
    Duck Confit Flatbread
    Roasted Vegetable Flatbread

    Garden District

    Vietnamese Lotus Chicken Salad
    Grilled Colossal Tiger Prawn District Salad
    Wild Salmon & Kale Caesar Salad
    Saigon Rice Noodle Salad

    Land District

    Bo Luc Lac - Shaken Beef
    Ga Luc Lac - Shaken Chicken
    Bo Kho - Braised Short Ribs
    The District 10 Oz. Rib Eye
    Coriander Crusted New Zealand Lamb

    Ocean District

    Ca Luc Lac - Shaken Fish
    Cha Ca - Chilean Sea Bass
    Ca Kho - Black Cod in Clay Pot
    Roasted Norwegian Wild Salmon
    Canh Chua - Tamarind Black Cod

    Pho & Soup District

    Hannah's Speciality

    Hannah's Noodles
    Grilled Lemongrass Filet Mignon Noodles
    Hannah's Signature Noodles
    Crab & Uni Sashimi Noodles
    Grilled Colossal Garlic Tiger Prawns Noodles
    Pan Seared Lemongrass Airline Chicken Breast Noodles
    District Wok Live Maine Lobster Noodles

    Hannah's Curry

    Buddha District

    Rice District

    Acompany District

    Lunch - Hannah's Noodles (Served Everyday Till 4PM)

    Lunch - Hannah's Curry (Served Everyday Till 4PM)

    Lunch - Salads (Served Everyday Till 4PM)

    Lunch - Hannah's Pho & Soups (Served Everyday Till 4PM)

    Lunch - Bahn Mi (Served Everyday Till 4PM)

    Lunch - Rice Bowls (Served Everyday Till 4PM)

    Sweet District

    Coffee & Tea