Middle Eastern Chopped Salad
    Arugula & Goat Cheese Salad
    Lentil Soup

    Soup As Meals

    Ochazuke Soup
    Udon Noodle Soup


    Grilled Salmon
    Organic Chicken Curry
    Our Dream Salad
    Three Tacos with Salmon or Beef Brisket
    South Indian Vegetable Curry

    Sipping Broths

    Coconut Miso Broth

    Trash Or Treasure

    Cabbage Butts Stir Fried in Gochujang

    On Bread

    Fried Organic Chicken Sandwich
    Korean Brisket Sandwich
    Vegan Cheeseburger


    Fried Organic Chicken Bento
    Baked Chilled Salmon Bento
    Black Bean Cake Bento
    Roll Your Own Handroll Bento

    Cold Sides

    Hot Sides

    Hot Teas - Black Teas

    Hot Teas - Oolong Teas

    Hot Teas - Green Teas

    Hot Teas - White Teas

    Hot Teas - Tisanes

    Iced Teas - Slightly Sweetened

    Cold Drinks


    Salty Oat Cookie Six Packs

    2 Ounce Packages of Loose Tea

    2 ounce packages of caffeine-free tisanes