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    RuRu's Tacos + Tequila

    715 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC

    Order until 9:30 PM


    Billy Ray Valentine (Queso with Chorizo)
    Let It Rain (Chips & Salsa)
    Three Amigos (Queso, Salsa, Guacamole & Chips)
    Lighten Up Francis (Calamari)
    Ma The Meat Loaf (Chips & Guacamole)
    This is Sparta
    I’m in a Glass Case of Emotion
    There’s No Crying In Baseball
    I Am Mclovin’ (Queso Blanco)


    Bueller? ...Bueller? (Cheese)
    You're My Boy Blue (Veggies, cheese, choice of meat)


    Shirley You Can't Be Serious (Roasted Veggie Burrito
    Clarence Beeks (Steak)
    How You Like Them Apples? (Chicken)
    Death By RuRu (Carnitas)

    Super Duper Tacos

    Gaylord Focker (Roasted Veggie Taco)
    Fat Guy In A Little Coat (Steak)
    Long Duck Dong (Korean-style Steak)
    Kids Taco (Chicken)
    Get Off My Lawn
    You're Going the Wrong Way (Grilled Chicken)
    Stage Five Clinger (Crispy Chicken)
    That’s Not A Snowflake (Tofu)
    It Was The Dukes (Carnitas)
    Lookin’ Good Louis (Shrimp)
    I'll Have What She's Having (Mahi-mahi)
    Uncle Buck (Fried Oysters)
    It's Probably Not Even a Crime These Days (Fish)
    Why So Serious


    I Love the Smell of Napalm (Veggie Fajitas)
    The Underhills (Shrimp)
    I’m Your Wingman (Chicken)
    Shake N’ Bake (Steak)


    Stop Eating Cupcakes (Taco Salad)
    Bend and Snap (Cobb Salad)
    Mary Samsonite (Chopped Salad)


    Jasmine Red Rice Bowls

    Family Style Sides

    Small Sides



    Weekend Brunch (Sat 11am-3pm, Sun 12pm-3pm)