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    Razzoo's Cajun Cafe

    318 Main St, Fort Worth, TX

    Order until 12:30 AM

    Le Gumbeaux

    The Real Thang

    Raw Salty Oysters

    Raw Salty Oysters

    Le First Chomp

    Rat Toes
    Popcorn Shrimp
    Fried Crawfish Tails
    Creamy Cajun Fondue Dip
    Fried Pickle Puckers
    Firemouth Wings
    Fried Green Beans

    Rabbit Food

    Chopped Salad
    Caesar Salad

    Po' Boys

    Po' Boys - Fried
    Po' Boys - Blackened

    Big Easy Cheeseboiger


    Chef Bubba's Specials

    Jalapeno Catfish
    Chicky Dipper Basket
    Andouille & Rice
    Red Beanz & Rice
    Cajun Fried Rice
    Cajun Fried Steak

    Cajun Combo Skillet

    Fried Seafood

    Seafood Combo Platter

    Legendar Honeysuckle Ribs

    Li'l Extras

    Blackened Thangs

    Le Old Cajun Favs

    Grilled Gator Tail

    Jaws Seafood Platter

    Zydeco Pasta Bowls

    Earl's Lunch Trailer

    The Razzoo Kids - Kids Menu


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