Nino's Pizzeria

    5800 W Peoria Ave, Glendale, AZ



    Deep Fried, Battered Calamari Rings with Marinara Sauce
    Deep Fried, Battered Calamari Rings with Cocktail Sauce
    Deep Fried Zucchini
    Deep Fried Mushrooms
    Cheese Sticks
    Jalapeno Kicker
    Onion Rings
    Crinkle Cut French Fries
    Shoe String French Fries
    Hot Seasoned Shoe String Fries
    Whole Pickle


    Small Dinner Salad
    Breaded Chicken Salad
    Half Chef Salad
    Chef Salad

    Submarine Sandwiches

    Nino's Special Alive Roast Beef Sandwich
    Beef & Pepperoncini Sandwich
    Italian Sandwich
    Meatball Sandwich
    Italian Sausage Links Sandwich
    Barbecue Beef Sub Sandwich
    Roast Beef Sandwich
    Breaded Chicken Sub Sandwich
    Chicken Parmesan Sub Sandwich
    Fish Sandwich

    Spaghetti Dinners

    Small Spaghetti with One Meatball
    Large Spaghetti with Two Meatballs

    Penne Pasta Dinners

    Small Penne Pasta with One Sausage Link
    Large Penne Pasta with Two Sausage Links

    Fish Dinners

    Small Breaded Cod Fillets
    Large Breaded Cod Fillets

    Shrimp Basket

    Shrimp Basket

    Hand Tossed Pizza Pies

    Sicilian Style Pizza

    Pizza & Wing Combo

    Pizza by the Slice

    AJ Lunch Special

    Nino's Original Burp & Chirp Lunch Special

    Buffalo Chicken Wings

    Chicken Fingers

    Beef on Kummelweck


    Soft Drinks

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