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    Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant

    1201 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR

    Order until 9:30 PM

    Ala Carte Menu

    Tagine of Chicken Lemon and Olives
    Tagine of Chicken with Apricots
    Tagine of Lamb M'Rouzia
    Tagine of Braised Hare
    Tagine of Chicken Honey and Prunes
    Tagine of Lamb with Eggplant
    Tagine of Spicy Lamb
    B'stilla Royale
    Salad Marrakes
    Traditional Lentil Soup

    Couscous Marrakesh

    Couscous With Lamb
    Couscous With Chicken
    Vegetarian Couscous
    Couscous T'Faya
    Moussaka Vegetarian
    Marrakesh Vegetarian Delight
    Breka Vegetarian

    Shish Kabobs of Marrakesh

    Grilled Marinated Leg of Lamb
    Grilled Marinated Morsels of Beef
    Grilled Marinated Boneless Chicken


    Home Made Baklava
    Fresh Fruit Salad
    Moroccan Pastries
    Moroccan Milk Pudding

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