Delivery Address

    M Cafe Beverly Hills


    Any Additions Made In The "Special Instructions" Box Will Not Be Honored. Please Use Master Menu.

    Breakfast (M-F until 11:30am, Weekends until 3pm)

    Matcha Granola
    Quinoa Flaxseed Oatmeal
    Avocado Crispy Toast
    Breakfast Burrito
    Breakfast Enchilada
    Blueberry Multigrain Pancakes

    Brunch (Weekends & Holidays until 3pm)

    M French Toast
    Japanese Breakfast Bento
    M Benedict


    The M Chopped
    Little Gem Grilled Salmon Caesar
    Kelp Noodle "Pad Thai"

    Burger & Hot Sandwiches

    The Big Macro
    Grilled Tuna Burger
    The California Club
    M Bahn Mi

    Whole Grain Bowls

    Teriyaki Bowl
    Lazy Sushi Bowl
    Quinoa-Barley Bibimbap
    M Cafe Macro Meal

    Deli Case Combos

    2 Signature Salad Combo
    3 Signature Salad Combo
    Soup & 2 Deli Salad Combo


    Yellow Coconut Curry Udon
    Vegetable and Wild Shrimp Tempura with Organic Soba
    Vegan Bolognese with Truffle Cream

    Wraps (served on whole wheat lavash)




    Cold Beverages

    Hot Beverages

    M Fresh Juices

    Organic Juice Shots