Big Bowls

    Beef Ban Mien
    Rub A Belly with Rice
    Sausage Party with Rice
    Popcorn Chicken with Rice
    Vegan Tian-La Tofu with Rice

    Small Bites

    Street Style Popcorn Chicken
    Chao Shou
    Century Egg Tofu Salad
    Oh Ah Jian Baby Oyster
    Oh Ah Jian Organic Mushroom
    Plum Powder Sweet Potato Fries
    Taiwanese Sweet Sausage


    Pork Belly Sauce Over Rice
    5-Spice Pork Belly Flavor-Infused Egg
    Minced Pickled Mustard Green
    Cucumber Salad


    Osmanthus Dong Ding Iced Oolong Tea
    Assam Milk Tea
    Ginger Limeade with Organic Chia Seeds
    Taiwanese Soda