Kramers Health Foods

    230 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL


    Breakfast Bowl

    Smoothie Bowl

    Fresh Vegetable Juices

    Fresh Carrot Juice
    Fresh Blend Juice
    Ginger Shot

    Herbal Elixir Mixers

    Barry White Elixir Mixer
    3 o'Clock Blues Elixir Mixer
    Attitude Adjustment Elixir Mixer
    Mentali Tea Elixir Mixer
    Composition for Colds Elixir Mixer

    Original Shakes

    Fruit Smoothie
    Yogurt Smoothie

    Specialty Shakes

    Brazilian Shake
    Green Energy Shake
    Source of Life Shake
    Sweet Thai Shake
    Rocket Fuel Shake
    Avena Shake
    Avocado Smoothie
    Chocoberry and Cream Shake

    Other Beverages

    Twinlab Energy Fuel Carbonated Fruit Splash
    Vuka Natural Energy Drink
    Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Drink
    Alo Natural Aloe Beverage
    Bruce Cost Ginger Ale
    GT's Kombucha
    Eternal Naturally Alkaline Water


    Soup of the Day

    Simple Salads

    Specialty Salads




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