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    Kensington Café

    4141 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA

    Order until 9:30 PM

    Salads (Available 7AM-4PM)

    K Cafe Salad
    Spicy Caesar Salad
    South Side
    Vegan Power
    Greek Salad
    Cobb Salad
    Roasted Veggie Salad

    Scrambles (Available 7AM-4PM)

    Big Cheese
    Green Eggs
    Tree Hugger
    Spanish Revival
    Pulled Pork Hash

    Breakfast Sandwiches (Available 7AM-4PM)

    The Daniel Sandwich
    Sandy Eggan Sandwich
    Lox Sandwich
    The Baumann Sandwich
    American Dream Sandwich

    Cold Sandwiches (Available 7AM-4PM)

    Adams Avenue Sandwich
    Surf Rider Sandwich
    Ken Club Sandwich
    Half & Half Sandwich

    Hot Sandwiches (Available 7AM-4PM)

    Edgeware Sandwich
    Contorni Sandwich
    Gouda Grilled Cheese Sandwich
    Milano Sandwich
    Montezuma Sandwich
    BBQ Pork Belly Sandwich

    Waffles (Available 7AM-4PM)

    Honey Gone Nuts Waffle
    Blueberry Cornmeal Waffle
    Alcala Waffle
    Baked French Toast

    Other Bites (Available 7AM-4PM)

    Hummus Plate
    Pio Pico Tacos
    Veggie Chili
    Papas Calientes
    Soup of The Day

    Other Eggs (Available 7AM-4PM)

    Bowls & Small Bites (Available 7AM-4PM)

    Sides (Available 7AM-4PM)

    Hot Drinks

    Cold Drinks


    Blended Drinks

    Dinner Entrees (Available After 5PM)

    Dinner Small Plates (Available After 5PM)

    Dinner Salads & Soups (Available After 5PM)

    Dinner Sides (Available After 5PM)

    Dinner Dessert (Available After 5PM)