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    Golden Nugget Pancake House

    2406 W Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL

    Order until 4:30 AM

    South of the Border Breakfast

    Tito Bandito
    Chorizo Omelette
    Pancho Villa
    Quesadilla y Huevos
    Huevos Rancheros
    Chilaquiles Verde
    Chilaquiles Mexican Style
    Chilaquiles American Style
    Huevos A La Mexicana
    Taco Breakfast

    The Soup Kettle

    Homemade Chili
    Today's Soup

    Salad Delights

    Chicken Caesar Salad
    “Ole” Taco Salad
    Garden Salad

    Butter Cream Waffles

    Belgian Waffle
    Fresh Fruit Compote Waffle
    Fresh Fruit Waffle
    The Alaskan Waffle
    Waitress Special
    Chicken Waffle

    Sinful Delights

    Chocolate Oreo Pancakes
    Four Cheese Fresh & Fruity French Toast

    French Toast

    Six French Toast Wedges
    Chef's Special
    Very Berry French Toast
    Four French Toast Wedges
    French Toast Combo 1
    French Toast Combo 2


    6-Piece Boneless Wings
    12-Piece Boneless Wings


    Crepes (7AM-3PM)

    Eggs Benedict

    Flavors of Italy

    Dinnertime Anytime


    Breakfast Combos

    The Cheesers

    Sandwich Stackers

    Specialty Sandwiches

    Make Mine A Club


    Served Anytime

    Loaded Skillets

    South of the Border

    Certified Angus Beef Burgers

    Mexican Sides

    Bread Sides

    Meat Sides

    Biscuits & Gravy

    Breakfast Sides

    Vegetable Sides



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