Breakfast Sandwiches

    Le Classic Combo Sandwich
    El Healthy & Tasty Combo Sandwich
    Le Croissant Combo Sandwich
    El Bacon Scramble Combo Sandwich
    Le Salmon Combo Sandwich
    Le Tartine Combo Sandwich

    Breakfast Combo & More

    L’Americain Combo
    Paris Express Combo
    Omelet with a Drink

    French Baguette Sandwiches

    Le Pollo Combo
    El Cubano Combo
    Le Vegetarian Combo
    Le Club Combo
    Le Salmon Combo
    El Marinero Combo
    Le Parisian Combo
    El Milano Combo
    Le Fig Combo

    Entrées (Chef's Daily Special)

    Penne Pasta with Chicken and Vegetables Combo

    All Day Menu


    La Penne Combo Salad
    Le Vegetarian Combo Salad
    Chef Salad Combo
    La Caesar Combo Salad
    El Cobb Combo Salad
    La Caprese Combo Salad

    Burgers & More Combo

    Le American Combo
    El Italiano Combo
    El Espanol Combo
    La Tuna Combo
    Le Cajun Combo

    Breakfast Pastry Combo

    Pastry Combo

    Breakfast Coffee & More

    Side Orders

    Chef’s Combo Special

    Little Kids Combo

    Breakfast Beverages