Cafe Gratitude - Larchmont

    639 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA


    Special Instructions requests for additional items not on the current menu will not be honored by the merchant.

    Breakfast (Mon-Fri 8a-11a, Wknds 8a-1p)

    Cashew Coconut Whipped Butter - Side
    Coconut Yogurt -Side
    Cashew Cream Cheese - Side
    Breakfast Potatoes - Side
    Nurtured - Breakfast Wrap
    Open-Hearted - Buckwheat Flax Pancakes
    Bonita - Breakfast Taco Plate
    Content - Cast Iron Chickpea Quiche
    Thrilled - French Toast
    Peaceful - Smashed Avocado Toast
    Festive - Chilaquiles
    Powerful - Superfood Granola
    Vivid - Acai Superfood Bowl

    Starters (Daily 10am-10pm)

    Eclectic - Buffalo Cauliflower
    Thriving - Chef's Soup of the Day
    Free - Beer-battered Young Coconut
    Sharing - Nachos

    Starters (M-F 11a-10p, Wknds 3p-10p)

    Salads (Daily 10am-10pm)

    Lucky - Torta Española Chopped Salad
    Gracious - Autumn Grain Salad (Half)
    Dazzling - Kale Caesar Salad (Half)
    Pure - Asian Kale & Sea Vegetable Salad (Full)
    Dazzling - Kale Caesar Salad (Full)
    Gracious - Autumn Grain Salad (Full)

    Salads (M-F 11a-10p, Wknds 3p-10p)

    Sandwiches & Wraps (Daily 10am-10pm)

    Original - SF Mission Burrito
    Magical - CG Double Double

    Sandwiches & Wraps (M-F 11a-10p, Wknds 3p-10p)

    Bowls (Daily 10am-10pm)

    Bowls (M-F 11a-10p, Wknds 3p-10p)

    Entrées (Daily 10am-10pm)

    Entrées (M-F 11a-10p, Wknds 3p-10p)

    Sides & Additions (Daily 10am-10pm)

    Sides & Additions (M-F 11a-10p, Wknds 3p-10p)

    Brunch (Weekends 9am-3pm)

    Pressed Juice (Daily, Open to Close)

    Spritzers (Daily, Open to Close)

    Wellness Shots (Daily, Open to Close)

    Superfood Smoothies (Daily, Open to Close)

    Herbal Tonics (Daily, Open to Close)

    Coffee, Espresso & Tea (Daily, Open to Close)

    Dessert (Daily, Open to Close)

    Gluten-Free Baked Goods

    Kid's Menu