Homemade Appetizers

    A1. Fried Spring Roll 4Pcs
    A2. Fresh Veggie Basil Rolls 2Pcs
    A2. Fresh Chicken Basil Roll 2Pcs
    A5. Crab Angels 6Pcs
    A6. Curry Puffs 6Pcs
    A7. Fried Wontons 6Pcs
    A10. Kanom Jeebs 5Pcs
    A11. Pot Stickers 5Pcs
    A14. Shrimp in the Blanket 5Pcs
    A16. Boon Thai App Combo


    S1. Tom Yum Lemongrass
    S2. Tom Kar Coconut Soup
    S3. Tofu Soup
    S4. Wonton Soup


    SL1. Thai Fresh Salad
    SL4. Eastern Thai Nam Tok
    SL5. Nam Sod
    SL6. Yum Chicken, Beef, & Pork
    SL7. Yum Shrimp & Squid

    Boon Thai’s Special

    BT5. Param

    Seafood Special

    SS1. Phuket Seafood
    SS2. Deep Sea Curry
    SS3. Pla Lad Prik Tilapia with Chili Sauce

    Kids Meal

    Chicken Sam
    Crispy Chicken
    Kids Fried Rice

    Side Order

    Steam Jasmine Rice
    Sticky Rice 8 Oz
    Steam Noodle
    Steam Mixed Vegetable
    Brown Rice 8 Oz
    Steam Broccoli
    Side Salad with Ginger Dressing

    Homemade Desserts

    Lunch Special

    Dinner Menu